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Wonder more

Ponder about the science of creative well-being with audio, video + written content that expands your mind. The DD member-only app has weekly thought drops, creative-thinking prompts, and even spaces to wonder deeply with the rest of the Daydreamers community.

Creativity takes many different forms - ranging from effortful enjoyment [creative flow] to effortless wonder [daydreaming]. Since we all think differently, choose whatever format suits your style best.

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Flow more

Receive a set of physical, creative tools - or as we say, “dumbbells for your brain” - shipped to your home. They make it easy to get into the creative flow and isolate creative practices for targeted well-being. Right now, your tools reduce burnout + increase creative fulfillment.

We pair your physical tools with personalized exercises in the DD Member App based on your goals. Plus, they fit into your lifestyle no matter if you have 5 minutes between meetings or an entire weekend.

Use Daydreamers-designed tools to create in the analog world for targeted well-being.

Use Daydreamers-designed tools to create in the analog world for targeted well-being.

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Connect more

Hey! I’m so excited to check in today—how are you? What’s come up for you this week?

Today 10:08 AM

Going good! I had a question about...

We believe in human intelligence, supported by technology.

Your dedicated Daydreamers Guide will create a personalized roadmap for your journey with specific recommendations based on your goals. They'll also make space to think + reflect together - all at your own pace.

Message with them anytime in your ‘live digital notebook’ and book time to see them face-to-face, too. We believe in non-linear journeys, and your guide helps you create one that feels best for you.

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Feel more

Within the Daydreamers app you’ll be able to track and measure how your creativity is impacting your daily life.

We help you visualize the shifts you’re making from an emotional, psychological + even habit-building POV to remove the nuance from creativity and well-being. This helps you make more effective decisions about how to spend your time.

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( Emotions are data points - srsly. )

Seeing clear outcomes helps make better, more effective choices in daily life.

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Expand more

Explore what it means to be creatively fulfilled alongside the Daydreamers community. Creativity shouldn’t be another chore on your To Do list; it’s how you show up in the world. Tap into guided conversations with other daydreamers + share what's inspiring you in a safe community. We’re here to push the status-quo and change the world, together. Ready to join us?

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Live more

Daydreamers is changing lives (truly). Don’t just take it from us—The DD crew has enhanced their creative thinking by 3x, reduced their burnout by over 60% + increased their clarity, focus and resilience by 4x.

The coolest part? The DD crew comes from all walks of life, proving that creativity is a human superpower we can never lose.

Read their stories


I knew that there was more to life than work, but I never made it a priority to take actionable steps to define what a fulfilled life is to me—until Daydreamers. It’s helped me design life experiments to figure out what fulfillment means to me and was a necessary pause button for the false sense of urgency that haunted my day-to-day.

- Isaac

Daydreamers has been life-changing for me. I had epiphanies that I never expected—I had been stuck for so long, not able to move forward because I was afraid. After starting Daydreamers, I found myself looking forward to carving out time to be creative each day, and it changed everything.

- Marthe

Before Daydreamers, I had given up hope—I used to be a painter, but I stopped creating completely as I got older. Since I joined Daydreamers, I've changed my perspective on everything, from my responsibilities each day to how I handle my emotions in the moment. It's better than ten years of therapy.

- Katherine

Daydreamers has changed my life completely, hands down. I never thought I was a creative person, but the whole journey helped me reframe the fact that I, along with everyone else, is creative. I've upgraded into a more creative job, moved cities and most importantly, changed the way I approach life every day. Daydreamers is doing an intense thing, in the best way possible.

- Jeanette

Daydreamers is truly like insurance for my mind. It's helped me reignite my desire to consistently create. Even when life is extremely stressful, I've still managed to carve out little chunks of personal creative time. I feel like I can tackle anything.

- Matt

I realized how much my desire for perfection was impacting everything I do. Since Daydreamers, I’ve started to cherish my creative moments. Being in the creative flow so regularly has helped me feel inspired in everyday life.

- Jamal

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